Dion Hazelbaker

YOUR Neighborly, Ethical, Bohemian,



Wordsmith with a Clause

Copywriter, news reporter, marketer, software documentation guru, buzzword imagineer, and more. I've done most everything when it comes to writing, and now I want to help make your written communication shine. I promise quality, dedication, and passion for your cause because I refuse to work for something I don't believe in myself. I offer a free estimate for any of my services, so get ahold of me about your pet project and let's take a trip down the creative solutions rabbit hole. 

They say great things have humble beginnings. I’ve kept in mind this mantra my whole life as I’ve grown as a human from Hoosier Country first, and secondly as a professional trying to get above the grind. I gravitate towards causes and companies that unite us as fellow humans to strive to be better and to treat each other with more respect.

I’ve found myself working for interesting institutions and businesses since earning my degrees from Indiana University, including Austin Pets Alive, Dropbox, Under Armour, Boyden & Youngblutt, Cyclone Social, and more. Industries and ideas that continue to fascinate me include SaaS cloud technologies, quantified-self and health improvement, healthcare reform, transforming journalism for the public benefit, education reform, civil rights, and animal welfare. 

I pride myself on being a glass half-full kind of fellow. I was blessed (and cursed) with a curious mind that is drawn to innovation, travel, and the future. I’m an enthusiastic runner and cyclist just shy of “fitness buff” stature. On my own time I can be found attempting to improve my writing craft, meddling in the arts, wrapping my brain around building a minimalist tiny house, and various projects du jour. When not toiling away on these projects, I spend my time enjoying the company of my delightful girlfriend on various adventures, and trying to be a dedicated dog dad to one of the best pups in the world. 

Now that you know a little bit about this guy, tell me about yourself and your project, and let's get to work.